If your dog or cat has fleas
you could be eligible for a free flea and tick treatment
and bonuses worth at least $150!


Join the Invetus Pet Network Flea Study

The Invetus Pet Network is now recruiting households with dogs and cats that have fleas!

An exciting and very effective new flea product is being tested against fleas on dogs and all treatments and checks are free!

The product has been shown to be safe, is a 'spot on' product and is also effective against paralysis ticks in dogs.

If you have between 1-3 dogs and/or 1-3 cats in your household, you may be eligible!

Are you eligible?

  • You can have 1-3 dogs and/or 1-3 cats in your household
  • The pets can be any breed, age or sex; indoor/outdoor pets.
  • At least one pet needs to have at least 6 fleas
  • The pets should not have had a recent flea treatment
  • For participants with dogs, are you willing to have Invetus staff visit your home once a month for 3 months?
  • For participants with cats, please register your interest and then we can discuss what's involved


Trial locations

To participate, you need to be located within the following areas:

  • Sydney: In or near the Bankstown / Liverpool area
  • Brisbane: Western suburbs
  • Cairns: Cairns and surrounding area

If you're interested in participating...

Step 1: Register your interest – Complete and submit the online form below

Step 2: Confirm your interest

One of the Invetus team will contact you to confirm your eligibility.
This will also be a chance for you to ask any questions.
Assuming you meet the eligibility criteria and are happy to proceed you can join the trial.
DON'T remove any fleas of your pet, as we will need to count these before we treat!

Name *
Do you have cats and / or dogs? *
Your pet needs to have fleas to participate in this trial *
Have you seen at least 6 fleas on one of your dogs/cats in the last few weeks?

For further information please email us at trials@invetus.com