Dr Sarah Bailey

Research Veterinarian

BVSc (Hons)


Broad experience in mixed and companion animal veterinary practice including referral practices, farming interests including beef cattle breeding and fattening.  Broad experience in Animal Welfare including Animal Ethics Committee membership. Production animal internal parasitology, scientific paper preparation and evaluation, pen and field studies to GCP and GLP standards.

Jasmin Bojarski round.jpg

Has held roles in exotics and small animal practice, and as a Research Associate for SCEC in 2014, conducting both field and pen studies. Provides veterinary advice to Investigators, as well as acting as a primary investigator where required. Conducts local and remote GCP and study protocol training, assists write up of protocols and data collection processes, and provides veterinary exams to animals prior and during study commencement.

Dr Jasmin Bojarski

Clinical Research Veterinarian

BVSc (Hons)



Previous experience in mixed veterinary practice, government practice and University teaching practice. Post graduate qualifications in farm animal production, disease, management and economics, epidemiology, statistics and parasitology. Very extensive experience in the design, conduct, supervision and reporting of clinical research trials in production animals and horses to GCP and GLP. Extensive experience in the development and provision of educational material and courses to farmers, undergraduates and industry bodies (including the APVMA and animal health industry). Particular interests in statistics, trial design and data analysis. Extensive experience in scientific paper preparation and evaluation. Team Leader of Invetus Research Services. Farming interests including prime lambs and beef cattle.

Dr Michael Chambers

Director, Research Services

BVSc (Hons 1), MVSc,

MANZCVS (Ruminant Nutrition, Vet Pharmacology, Vet Epidemiology, Vet Parasitology),




Director and co-developer of the Veterinary Clinical Research Network. Expertise in designing and implementing companion animal clinical trials in diverse areas such as pain management, oncology, endocrinology, parasitology, surgery and antibiotics. Extensive industry experience in the discovery, development and registration of vaccine, autologous and allogenic stem cell products, autologous cancer vaccines in the US, EU and ANZ. Broad experience in regulatory affairs and the preparation, review and submission of registration dossiers domestically and internationally. Wide-ranging experience with industry liaising with the APVMA, FDA, DAFF, OGTR, EMA, VMD and USDA. Leadership and technical roles in the development of poultry vaccines, small animal parasiticides, NSAIDs and pharmaceuticals. Leadership roles in industry bodies (VIWG, VMDA and AVA). Previous experience in veterinary practice, university practice and veterinary technical services. Currently leading Invetus' business development efforts to forge new areas of research and income.

Dr Elizabeth Evans

Director,Veterinary Clinical Research Network  (VCRN)

Director, Business Development

BVSc (Hons 1), MVetClinSt, MANZCVS (Small Animal Medicine and Dermatology)



Veterinary scientist with extensive research and clinical experience in veterinary analgesia, anaesthesia, pain models, pharmacogenetics and osteoarthritis, including University teaching hospitals. Previously a Principal Scientist at Pfizer Global R&D with extensive experience in human drug development and pre-clinical animal models in cancer and osteoarthritis and gene expression technology. Team leader for Invetus NZ, conduct and reporting of pen and field studies to GCP and GLP in production animals.

Dr Mike Gieseg

Research Leader, Invetus

BSc (Hons), BVSc, PhD.

Hamilton, NZ

Jane Hume round.jpeg

Small and mixed practice animal clinical veterinarian and locum veterinarian, Australia and the UK. Membership in Small Animal Radiology in 2016, and has completed components of the Massey NZ Masters in Veterinary Medicine, including courses in small animal cardiology and small animal imaging.  Provides current and industry-specific veterinary advice to Investigators, as well as acting as the primary CRA for multiple studies.

Dr Jane Hume

Veterinary Research Associate

BVSc (Hons), MANZCVS (Small Animal Radiology)



Qualified entomologist and veterinarian, experience in private veterinary practice, laboratory work, marine animals and laboratory rodents. Companion and production animal parasitology, conduct of pen and field studies to GCP and GLP.

Dr Steven Mallett

Study Manager, Wongaburra Research Centre

BSc(Hons), BVSc(Hons)



Dr Brendan Sharpe

Research Leader, Armidale Research Centre

BVSc (Hons 1), PhD


Extensive experience in mixed veterinary practice, artificial breeding, contract research with production animals. Avian industry expert (Doctorate in broiler chicken disease) with extensive chicken industry experience as Company Veterinarian for Baiada Poultry, overseeing disease investigations, husbandry and disease control programs, implementation of animal welfare programs, co-ordination of vaccination programs, liaison with nutritionists and hatcheries, and statistical and epidemiological monitoring of flock performance. Current roles include design, conduct, supervision and reporting of clinical and laboratory research trials in production and intensive animals to GCP and GLP. Particular interests in statistics, trial design and data analysis. Experience in scientific paper preparation and evaluation. Recognised expert in backyard and show chicken husbandry & management. Farming interests include stud sheep & prime lambs.


Private mixed practice experience (including practice principal), epidemiological experience with Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (NZ), technical services and product manager at MSD AgVet, technical services manager, partner and manager of a tick anti-serum production facility, founder of VetX and co-founder of the VCRN. Very extensive experience in the design, conduct, reporting and oversight of veterinary research studies, to both GCP and GLP quality levels. Recognised industry expert in paralysis ticks, farming interests in beef cattle.

Dr Maurice Webster

Managing Director Invetus

BVSc, MANZCVS (Vet Pharmacology)



BIanca Amiet round.jpg

Medical Scientist who has worked at Griffith University as a Laboratory Tutor. Currently studying to be a veterinarian at UQ. Research associate on flea trials, undertaking both field and administrative roles.

Bianca Amiet

Research Associate



Maddie Broomfield round.JPG

Experience with large and small animals in veterinary practice (during undergraduate studies) and research studies. MSc with a focus on immunology, production performance and use on-farm of Barbervax® against Barbers Pole worm in Merino ewes and lambs. Interests in production animal internal parasites, drench resistance and the Australian sheep industry.

Maddie Broomfield

Project Officer, Parasitology

MSc, BAppSci (Vet Technology), Cert IV VN.




Henry Chambers

Research Operations & Support Leader, Invetus.

Site leader, Armidale Research Centre

BAgEc, GradCertRurSc, GradCert Proj Management


Extensive agricultural experience (broad acre farming, irrigated cotton, beef cattle, wool sheep and prime lambs). Post graduate qualifications in risk management and quality assurance. Team Leader of Invetus Research in Armidale. Extensive experience in the design, conduct, supervision and reporting of clinical research trials in production animals and horses to GCP and GLP. Farming interests including beef cattle.

Alice Currey round.jpg

Postgraduate qualifications in Zoology, with a background in Animal Welfare. Held management positions for a number of RSPCA locations, in both Victoria and Papua New Guinea. Primary Research Associate for two trials; able to deliver GCP and study protocol training locally and remotely.

Alice Currey

Research Associate

BAnSc (Hons)



Industry expert in production animal internal parasites, in particular sheep and cattle roundworms and liver fluke. PhD in the genetics of liver fluke. Team Leader of Invetus Parasitology, responsible for the characterisation, acquisition and maintenance of parasite strains, operation of a diagnostic laboratory and provision of animal health advice to farmers and advisors. Extensive experience in the design, conduct, supervision and reporting of clinical research trials in production animals to GCP and GLP, scientific paper preparation and evaluation and supervision of post-graduate students and research. University, industry and private contractor experience. Farming interests including prime lambs.

Dr Tim Elliott

Parasitology Manager

BTech, DipLabTech, PhD


Leah Harris round.jpg

Animal Scientist with several years’ experience as a Territory Manager and Business Development Manager for medical and veterinary research companies, as well as a pet store chains. Previously, management and supervisory positions in a number of pet stores. Postgraduate qualifications in agricultural parasitology. Very experienced trainer in GCP and study protocol training. Extensive social media expertise.

Leah Harris

Senior Marketing and Research Associate

BVScAg (Hons)




Qualified zoologist/entomologist. Animal welfare oversight and certification, small animal parasitology. Team Leader in small animal research and management at Invetus (Casino).


Chrissie Jackson

Senior Scientist

BSc (Hons), Cert. Animal Biology and Conservation


Nicole McLeod round.jpg

Nicole McLeod

Research Associate



Animal Scientist with several years’ experience working in laboratories, from Quality Assurance in a NATA accredited lab, to histopathology in both University and commercial laboratories, and finally in biotechnology research. She also possesses Nutrition Consultant experience. Involved in all aspects of protocol development, study design, monitoring and data management for a range of small and large animal trials


Industry expert in veterinary R & D QC and QA. Extensive experience with multi-national pharmaceutical corporations in the oversight of internal and external research, reporting and submission. Expert in the conduct, inspection and auditing of research studies to both Good Clinical Practice and Good Laboratory Practice. Experience in the ANZ, UK, Europe (France, Germany, Spain) and US and in integrating data and reports from multiple sites and organisations. Extensive experience in the development and implementation of QA systems and procedures.

Leonora Pearson

Quality Assurance Manager


Team Leader, Invetus QA Unit