We are looking for cat owners to participate in our latest trial!

A trusted veterinary brand is collecting data on a new flea treatment. If you live in Western Sydney, NSW Central Coast, or West Brisbane, and have 1-3 cats with fleas you may be eligible.

This new treatment has already been trialled overseas and is safe. It will protect your cat from fleas and may offer some protection from ticks as well. One of our veterinarians will come to your home to give your cat or cats a thorough health check. We will return a week later to treat your cats with this topical "spot on" treatment, then we will arrange to see your cat in a month to check if they still have fleas.

To be eligible, you will need to suit some criteria such as:

  • Your cat/s must have at least 6 live fleas

  • There are no more than 3 cats in the household

  • Cats must be older than 8 weeks, be generally healthy, and happy to be handled and combed by another person

  • You don't have any rabbits, guinea pigs, rats or ferrets in your home. You can have dogs (conditions apply)

  • You and the cat/s have lived in your home for more than 2 months, and they spend most of their time at home

  • No pets have had flea treatment in the last month, and the house has not been treated for pests in the last month

  • You are happy to be available for three visits where someone will come to your home, and happy to have your cats checked by a veterinarian